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Voluma cheek augmentation

Sunken, sagging cheeks can add years to a person’s face. Addressing sagging skin is now possible with Juvéderm™ VOLUMA™ – a new smooth, long-lasting dermal filler specifically formulated to create and restore deep volume where it’s needed most: the cheeks, cheekbones and chin.

  • Restores deep volume loss and smooth the mid-face.
  • Rejuvenates sunken areas around the cheeks and cheekbones.
  • Creates volume and youthful contour in the chin.

Voluma is a hyaluronic acid based injectable that is used to restore facial volume. Voluma is not a dermal filler but is injected into the deeper subcutis layers and fat pads of the skin to restore volume or to enhance. Voluma is part of the “Juvéderm family” and is the next generation equivalent of Sub-q from Restylane.

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